Cannabis Through Its History

Cannabis Through Its History

The worst possible move that the USA government did, regarding the medicine, is to categorize Cannabis as Schedule 1 drug and to list it as a plant that has no medicinal use. The reason behind this decision isn’t clear, but it brought negative consequences to the medicine. All ongoing research into the obvious health benefits of Cannabis oil was stopped, and it took more than forty-five years (the ban was issued in 1970) for the government to change this law.

Early history of Marijuana

MarijuanaNow, health benefits of the Marijuana have been known for over several millenniums, and many different cultures used this plant for healing. The history of cannabis oil is fascinating, and it starts in the ancient time. It all began in Ancient Chine, Almost five thousand years ago. They first used this plant for food, and clothes, but later they found about its medicinal uses.

Many Chinese doctors used this plant to heal a wide array of illnesses, but this nation wasn’t the only one who used cannabis during that time. This plant was considered as holy in India, and it had many medicinal purposes throughout the history of this country. People used cannabis to successfully treat fever, sunstroke, dysentery and many other medical conditions.

Marijuana through the medieval age

Asians introduced this plant to the Middle East and later to Europe in the medieval period. Muslims smoked cannabis (they called it hashish) because they couldn’t drink wine or any other alcohol. The plant also found its use in the Arabic medicine.

Europeans didn’t find any spiritual connection to the cannabis, but they did incorporate it in the folk medicine. “Doctors” and herbalists of that time used it to treat a cough, jaundice, and tumors. They did warn people not to use too much of the plant as they thought that it might cause sterility.

 Modern view of cannabis

The marijuana reached America long before the 1700s, but it didn’t find its use until that time. Some Americans started writing about possible used of hemp and seeds, and that was the beginning of the medical use of cannabis in the North America. This was the golden time of this plant as everyone could use it freely.

Everything was OK until 1906 when the USA government created FDA to prevent a crisis similar to morphine addiction. Possession and drug use became a crime some eight years later.

In 1937 it was recorded that 23 states considered marijuana as a drug and it was a crime to use it. At that time the Marijuana Tax Act turned all non-medical marijuana use into a crime. All of this led to already mentioned 1970 when the government of the USA banned all use of Marijuana and declared no potential medical use of this plant and its derivatives.



Extraction Of The Cannabis Oil

Extraction Of The Cannabis Oil

Marijuana oil is just one of a dozen or so products that you can extract from this miraculous plant. Our focus is set on the oil due to its health benefits (other products have those benefits as well) and rather a simple way to extract it.

We will talk about different ways of cannabis oil extraction (three of them exist) as well as what way is the best. Stick with us to find out how the extraction process works and why you should buy our oil rather than that of other providers.

The use of Ethanol and olive oil in extraction process

Ethanol and olive oilTwo out of three ways to extract marijuana oil use one of the mentioned two ingredients. The third way to extract it is through the use carbon dioxide and we will talk about that later.

People who don’t know how to work with carbon dioxide use olive oil as the basis for the infusion of the cannabis. The process is rather straightforward and safe as well as inexpensive, and it can create a compelling product. The primary issue with this process is unfamiliarity the strength of the product as well as perishable nature of the same. The final product in this process can’t last for long, and you have to store it in cold and dark place.

The extraction process that uses ethanol is perfect for people who will ingest it through vaping. The end product has excellent quality, but the process through which it comes to existence completely destroys the marijuana wax which many use for production of other cannabis-based products.

Co2 cannabis oil extraction

Co2 cannabis oil extractionThis process uses carbon dioxide in extraction, and it’s the best way to do it. It creates clean and pure oil which doesn’t require any post-processing which means that are aren’t any toxins left in it. This is also the most efficient way to create high-quality cannabis oil which is why we do it.

The process of extraction is rather simple, and it only requires a Hi-Flo system that allows us to manage the pressure and the temperature. This ability to control those two things is excellent as it permits the extraction of various components out of the plant. It only takes one extraction to produce pure cannabis oil, no matter what kind of oil we want.

If we want pure and light oil, then we will extract only the lightest components. And if we want other elements then we just adjust the pressure and temperature in the extractor. It’s a simple and yet extraordinary process that gives best results every single time.

We make the best cannabis oil

If you still aren’t satisfied with our product then let us give you another fact, we use an advanced machine that has the ability of fractionation. This means that we can produce better products as the device contains several separators that can separate the components and allow us to pick those that will create the best product. Every separator has its pressure and temperature which means that we can make a high-quality cannabis oil from plants that aren’t wealthy in essential components.


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