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About Cannabis

Marijuana is a plant that has many different health benefits. Many countries treat it as a drug due to THC (a component). The idea that cannabis leads to stronger drugs prevented many innovations, but the public opinion on the plant is slowly changing. The number of countries that support research on medicinal effects of recreational cannabis is on the rise while the number of countries that allow recreational use is still down.

Powerful oil for body and mind

Cannabis oil is mainly used in the medicine where it shows positive effects on people who suffer from a range of illnesses. That product has little to no THC, which is a component that rendered this plant illegal. The latest research results showed that cannabis oil that contains THC has a positive effect on mental health, in particular for people who suffer from anxiety and other similar medical conditions.

Cannabis Oil Benefits

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The cannabis and its derivatives reduce the anxiety and stress by replacing the ECB aka endocannabinoid system. This system regulates levels of stress and anxiety in the natural way, which is sometimes not enough. Cannabis does the same thing, but in this case, the person can regulate those levels manually through the use of the oil and other marijuana derivatives.

Prevents Cancer

Cannabis kills and prevents the creation of new cancer cells. CBD component has the best results when it comes to prevention of cancer while THC can kill the existing cancer cells and prevent the growth of new ones. The best effect is gained through the use of cannabis oil that is rich in both components.

Boosts Heart Health

The idea that marijuana increases the risk of heart disease is false. On the contrary, recent studies show that the cannabinoids from cannabis reduce the risk of various heart conditions. Animal experiments proved this, but we require more research before we can advertise cannabis oil as something that prevents heart diseases.

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Joshua Arias

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Melinda Delima

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